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Cheap cellular plans:
company plan coverage notes/costs
FreedomPop plans coverage (by Sprint) Sprint half sold to Ting summer 2019. AT&T half retained?
Ting rates coverage (by Sprint) $6/phone plus usage
FreeUp plans coverage (by AT&T) free WiFi free 250 text XOR 250 minutes
$10 SIM for free. $5 S&H.
Tello plans coverage (by Sprint) $6/mo for 100 min talk + unlim text + 500 MB 4g + unlim 2G.
$8/mo for unlim talk&text
$9/mo for unlim talk&text + 500 MB 4g + unlim 2G
$10/mo for unlim talk&text + 1000 MB 4g + unlim 2G

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RedPocket plans coverage (by ???) Looks like a decent intro price ($3.99/mo for 200 MB data + 200 talk + 500 text)
Unknown how many months the intro price is good for before they make you pay $12.99 (which is NOT a good deal).
But I see their cheapest plan is 500 MB + 500 talk + 500 text for $10.
GoogleFi plans coverage (by Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Three)
Automatically switches between networks depending on signal strength and speed.
Automatically connects to Wi-Fi hotspots with encryption through an automatic VPN.
Phone calls will seamlessly transition to a cellular network if Wi-Fi coverage is lost.
$20/mo for unlimt talk&text
$10/GB data
$15/mo for each additional user

Expensive cellular plans:
company plan coverage subscribers notes/costs
AT&T Mobility plans coverage 159,700,000 (Q2 2019)
Verizon Wireless plans coverage 155,700,000 (Q1 2019)
T-Mobile plans coverage 81,300,000 (Q1 2019) 2019: possibly merging with Sprint & being sold to DishNetwork
Sprint plans coverage 54,500,000 (Q1 2019) 2019: possibly merging with T-Mobile & being sold to DishNetwork

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